Road Tripping

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a mini road trip from Las Cruces, through Scottsdale, up to San Diego, and back through Scottsdale again. Visiting family in Scottsdale was perfect because were able to split the otherwise 10 hour drive!

Our time in San Diego was hardly more than 24 hours, but we made the most of it! A little bit of shopping, eating, and beaching gave us our California fix — for now. I’m so proud of myself for how little I shopped! Zara in Scottsdale was a dream, but I refrained. This denim frilled sleeve top was awfully tempting!If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you know about these adorable aviator glasses from Urban Outfitters. I was basically wearing them the entire trip after I purchased them in Scottsdale! SO obsessed.

Major heart eyes here for these floral pants from Zara that I scored for $13 back in February! This majorly marked down item is sold out now (not surprised), but they so have some equally adorable ones for this season here. They’re perfect with a simple white v-neck and these Sam Edelman pumps that have a little bit of floral detail on them! I got them at Nordstrom last year, but they’re now available on Amazon in 3 other colors (limited sizes) for a steal!We had to choose just one beach to go to since our time was limited, and La Jolla was absolutely gorgeous. It was a little overcast and a slightly chilly next to the beach, so I got to break out my BLANKNYC leather jacket! I haven’t worn it much, so I’m happy to finally be wearing such a perfect piece for spring!Further away from the beach, we found a gorgeous little walkway full of greenery, overlooking La Jolla beach. I had to get a shot from behind of these Topshop shorts that I got at Nordstrom. They’re called “mom shorts” and the fit is absolutely amazing! Such a great summer pick for curvy girls who love anything high-waisted, like me!Clearly, I was blissfully happy to be at the beach. Also blissfully happy wearing my go-to black and white color combo. Always a favorite!I swapped my leather jacket for this lightweight sweater while we explored the area. Craving something sweet, we stopped at the most delicious gelato place called Bobboi Natural Gelato. I got matcha and mocha flavors, both with chocolate chips in them! So yummy!La Jolla had the best places to take photos! I really had the best time there. California was too good to me. I can’t wait to go back soon! I have another blog post coming hopefully within the week, so follow along to see some more of my looks! I’ll also be going on another little trip to Denver for my 21st, so I’m super excited! I’ll be sharing all of that and more later! 😊

A Match Made in Heaven

What’s better than one top? Two. Or three or four or five, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With a love for layers, this tank + tee trend is something I’m really getting in to. I’m also a fan of the classic black and white color combo! This two-in-one set has been on repeat in my wardrobe lately.  The white top is especially nice to have because I can layer it with everything!I’ve also been in need of more tanks in my life and this one is perfect with its pretty lace detail.Keeping this look casual (as per usual) I paired it with my new favorite destroyed denim and classic high-top converse.

Always creating and styling! More to come soon as I travel through Arizona and SoCal next week!

The Cutest Top and Destroyed Denim

I should be doing homework, but instead I’ve decided I should share one of the adorable tops I’ve gotten recently and some destroyed denim. Worth it! I’m constantly feeling like I’m in need of new tops (but let’s be real, I’m really not). With midterms bogging me down lately (spring break, come faster!), cute outfits keep me happy. Alright, we’re showing a little skin today! This wrap t-shirt is perfect for a day or night out. Wait until you see the back of it! 😉 Keep it casual with these jeans or dress them up with some leather leggings. Finish the look with these adorable lace-up block heel sandals. I’m dying to wear this baby for my 21st birthday weekend, which is a little less than four weeks away! Also, we’ve got to address these jeans. These Vintage High-Rise Jeans are pretty much what destroyed denim dreams are made of. And they’re on sale!

Note: I recommend going a size up because they’re a little extra snug in the hip area!SO cute right?! Snag this baby for your spring break festivities. I’ll be traveling to Arizona and California next week, and I’m really hoping to wear it with this maxi skirt that I just ordered. As for these jeans, they’re going to make the best road trip buddy!

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New Must-Have Denim

I am totally embracing this retro “mom jean” trend. Anything retro, really, is on my radar right now. The 90’s revival is pretty much the greatest thing to happen to fashion since, well, the real 90’s. I created this retro look with some vintage high-rise jeans (under $40 right now!) and the cute cropped off-the-shoulder sweaterThese jeans are another item that I recommend for curvier girls! They look adorable on all body types, but these stretch, and they help you create a lengthy figure that accentuates your waist. Add on the best red lip in “mysterious red” (seriously, this lipstick is gorgeous, smooth, and lasts forever!), my favorite bandana to tie around your neck, some classic Chuck Taylors, and done. ✔️

After you get these babies ordered, go check out my Instagram @thelindseylook for more updates!

Wedgie Fit Shorts

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve ended Project 333 ( three months, 33 items) and updated my wardrobe a little bit. While I only lasted one out of the three months for project 333, I did learn a lot and I’m still using what I learned when I do buy new pieces. 

I enjoyed Project 333 and its meaning, but I really missed styling different outfits every day. Getting dressed each day isn’t just something I do because it’s part of my daily rountine, I truly enjoy styling myself. It helped realize when it’s okay to hold on to closet staples, and when to throw away that sweater I’ve had since high school that has a hole and the arms are too short. 

In the past couple weeks, I’ve updated my wardrobe with a few key pieces.I’m obsessed with how the Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans look on me, so I went and purchased some Wedgie Fit Shorts for the fast-approaching summer. My favorite thing about these is how well they cover in the back. They’re great for curvy body types!I scored these for a great price on Amazon, but they’re out of stock now! I linked them via Free People, and there’s even a selection of washes! These ones are called Vintage Chalk, sort of an off-white color. I do recommend sizing up one or two sizes! I went up two sizes (I usually wear a 27 in their jeans, but I got a 29 in the shorts) because I’m taller and for lack of a better term, I’ve got some extra junk in the trunk. During spring, I love the light sweater and shorts combo. This blue tye-dye sweater is a favorite of mine from American Eagle last year, but checkout the adorable sweater that I’m eyeing from Zara. Add on the details with a bandana

I’ve got some other things to share soon, so keep your eye out and follow @thelindseylook on Instagram for more!

About Last Week

Myself and two of my good friends, who happen to be amazing photographers, drove about 300 miles north of our college town to do some exploring. After stopping on Albuquerque for some to-die-for sweet rolls at The Frontier, we headed up to the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. At tent rocks, we took a 2 mile hike up, around, and through cone-shaped rock formations. It was a pretty easy hike. I was able to use my items only from my capsule wardrobe (plus an Organ Mountain Outfitters Slouchy Tee). My denim boyfriend jacket was the perfect layer for the only slightly cool NM weather. Thank goodness that my super high-rise jeans are so comfortable and stretchy for a hike! Since my parents live only about 50 miles outside of the Santa Fe area, we got to cut our costs and pay a visit to the ‘rents. Friday, we got up early and headed a natural hot spring in the Jemez Mountains. It was amazing to explore for a couple of days before the spring semester starts. I couldn’t have had such a successful trip without my staple items, though! 

Tomorrow is back to school, but I’ll still post frequently on Instagram! ❤

Must Haves For A Capsule Wardrobe

As of yesterday, it has been one week since I started Project 333! I’ve got to say, it feels great to have more space in my closet! It also makes getting dressed in the morning much easier. After all, I only have 33 things to choose from!

There are a few key pieces in my capsule wardrobe that I really couldn’t do this without. My denim boyfriend jacket is the greatest layering piece I own. It matches nearly everything , and it give a basic outfit a cooler, classic vibe.

Although temperatures having being hangin’ out in the 60’s lately here in southern New Mexico, this blanket scarf from Zara (currently under $15!) has been my go-to when I need to get a little extra cozy. All of its colors in a plaid pattern make it super versitale in my capsule wardrobe!

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