Spirit Winds Cafe


It’s that time of year when I become somewhat of a nomad. School is out, and I’ve got a few weeks before I move out to Scottsdale for the summer. A whirlwind of weddings and celebrations and moving is what my life consists of until Arizona. I’m trying to soak up the excitement as much as I can!Spirit Winds Cafe is probably my favorite place in Las Cruces. It’s locally owned, and has the most delicious coffee. If you go, I highly recommend a spirit latte with almond milk!

Aside from the coffee, it has amazing food! Attached to the cafe is a little shop, full of gifts, jewelry, apparel, bags, mugs, cards, and just a ton of little treasures. I love picking out pretty-smelling incense there. I’ll miss this little gem of a cafe over the next 7 months. I’m beyond excited to discover new cafes in the places that I go, but this place will always be extra special! If you’re in Las Cruces, this is a MUST.Spirit Winds truly has a unique aesthetic. Side note: this top is 60% off! It also comes in multiple colors, but I love this light purple color! I paired it with a classic black maxi skirt

Later this week I’ll share the gorgeous I was a part of with a local florist. Stay tuned! 🤗


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