Live Jewelry


Last week, I got to wear some amazing jewelry made from actual live plants. Calhoun Flower Farms created some beautiful pieces including rings, necklaces, a bracelet, and a hair piece! Southwest Creative Company captured the most amazing photos at a gorgeous greenhouse. Live jewelry is just the cutest idea! This is going to look amazing for brides! With all the beautiful greenery around me, I wanted to wear some neutrals while maintaining the vintage vibes. This “top” that I’m wearing is actually an adorable little swing dress that I got at Nordstrom last year. They no longer carry it, so I’ve linked a couple of adorable floral swing dresses for your summer here and here. Both are under $20! I paired it with this timeless midi skirt. The one I linked is under $30! This gorgeous off-the-shoulder maxi dress is a MUST this summer! Graduation festivities, weddings, parties, or whatever the summer fun might be, THIS is your dress. Also, I love how it comes up a little in the front so I can show off these cute little lace-up sandals. I’m a sucker for lace-up shoes, and these babies go well with the majority of my summer wardrobe!

This greenhouse shoot was absolutely gorgeous, and one of my favorite shoots to date! It was an amazing collaboration. Make sure to follow not only me @thelindseylook, but also @calhounflowerfarms and @southwestcreativeco on Instagram! I’m so happy I got to be a part of this beautiful magic!


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